In order to apply for or maintain a cfn approved fanlisting, you must obey the following rules.

The Celebrity Fanlistings Network inspired by the idea created by
Janine and We approve fanlistings for Actors,
Actresses, Female Musicians, Male Musicians, Bands/Groups, Female Models, Male Models
and Personalities. With this website we also give a chance to
people to possibly be approved for these subjects listed above that
might be already listed in a different network, in this way you can
still get the chance to have your fanlisting listed at a network.

We are not affiliated with any of the personalities listed in this network.

Please read the following rules before applying for a fanlisting. Your
fanlisting must not violate these rules or it will be deleted.


1. You must know basic HTML and graphic. We don’t ask for a gorgeous
looking fanlisting, just a decent one. 😉

2. You cannot apply for something that is already listed at the
Celebrity Fanlisting Network.

3. There is no limit to the number of fanlistings you may apply for or own.

4. The Staffers reserve the right not to approve an application for a

Building and maintaing a fanlisting:

1. You must provide a link back to this network.

2. You must show a ‘last updated’ date on your fanlisting.

4. Once approved, you must finish your fanlisting in four weeks.
(You might be able to get an extension. For that please contact a
category staffer ASAP explaining why you need an extension)

6. You must update at least once every two months, even if you receive
no new members during that time.

7. You can create a fanlisting in several different languages but you
must have an English version of it.

8. As a fanlisting owner, you must require that a member supplies
their name, email address, and country.

9. You must accept all members. If the member submits a URL that you
find offensive, you may refuse to list the URL, but you must still
list the member and their country

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